1. Lara

From the recording Lost in Space


Her name was Lara
From Timisoara
She was as lovely as midsummer morn
Her eyes were tender
Her limbs were slender
Her hair the colour of ripening corn
How I wooed her
How I pursued her
She was the girl I’d dreamed of all my life.
When she said yes, I felt so blessed, the banns were read and we were wed
And then came our first night as man and wife.

The clouds were flying,
The owls were crying,
Our wedding guests were singing down the street.
We were embracing,
She was unlacing,
Her finery was falling about her feet.
Then through the willows,
Upon our pillows,
The full moon’s rays came slanting pale and clear.
Her eyes grew wide; my lovely bride now looked so strange, began to change,
And sprouted fur and claws and fangs and pointy ears.

She was howling in the moonlight,
Her yellow eyes aflame,
My new wife was a werewolf ,
My new wife was a werewolf ,
My new wife was a werewolf,
My new wife was a werewolf,
But I loved her all the same

It was exciting,
There was some biting,
But I soon learned to be careful of her teeth,
Though hot and hairy,
And rather scary,
She was still my lovely Lara underneath.

She’s still my wife now,
And how is life now,
That I’m living with my luscious lycanthrope?
I’m not alarmed, I’ve not been harmed; though it’s bizarre, it’s how things are.
And if it’s only once a month I think I’ll cope.